Rticle Review: Chickenpox Lollipops, Chickenpox Parties”

The main purpose of this assignment is to increase your awareness of infectious diseases in the media and every day life. This assignment will also allow you to hone your writing skills as well as your critical thinking assessments. Throughout the semester, each student will pick 5 articles that pertain to the topic of infectious diseases. You should print the article and have a 1.5 to 2 page discussion. Your paper on each journal should be well written and referenced (double spaced, justified, times new roman 12 font).
Throughout the weeks, you should remain cognizant of infectious diseases topics in the news and in the public domain. Before class, you should clip a magazine or newspaper article or print it from the internet and read the entire article. If the internet article you chose is long, just read the entire article and only print out the summary or the first page. The first entry is due the second week of class. On a random basis each week, selected students will be asked to share their entries with the rest of the class. On the due date, you will have all 5 articles and discussions ready in a folder to be handed in. (paper folders please no bindersi?S)