Rticle review/ moving beyond the virtue script in nursing: creating knowledge based identity for nurses

for this assignment you will need to provide a brief summary of the salient points discussed inthe chapter before presenting a detailed analysis and critique of the ideas and evidence presented by the authors. Your review should be presented in a way so that another person, reader, can think about and perhaps be influenced by your opinions.

Having read this chapter and from other readings please discuss the following in your critique (first person may be used when referring own reflections): other wise it must be in 3rd person.

1. What is the most significant thing that you have identified about nurses work
2. how has this challenged or confirmed your thinking about what nurses do?
3. what, up to this point, has influenced your thinking to how nursing is understood?/

The article review should contain these elements:

. introduction a summary of the chapter
. a critique which evaluates the ideas and evidence in the chapter
. conclusion

The summary and critique are written as continuous text, as in an essay, without any subheadings.

Generally a review will:

start with an introduction outlining the purpose of the paper.
present a summary of the purpose and content of the article
analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the article/s
show how the article/s contributes to your understanding of what is nurses professional practice
use current literature to support your opinions on how the information in the body of chapter either challenges or confirms your current understanding of nursing.
You need to demonstrate that you understand the key ideas in the article/s youve read and explain how those ideas relate to the other material that youve read e.g. in the text book becoming a registered nurse.

I will provide the article

peer viewed Journal articles to support review no older than 2007.