Rticle review on adapting Kohlberg to enhance the assessment of managers moral reasoning.

Formatting Criteria:
3 typed pages, double spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, standard formatting
*The 1st half to two-thirds of the review should summarize the authoras main ideas and at least one-third should evaluate the article.
a? Heading
o Include the bibliographic information of the article
a? Introduction
o Identify what your review intends to do
o Include the author & title again
o Include a very brief overview of the article, its purpose, & your reaction/evaluation
a? Background Information
o Place the article in context and discuss the criteria for judging the article
a? Summary
o Discuss the main points of the article, quoting & paraphrasing key ideas from the author
a? Evaluation
o Your evaluation, consider the following a
a? How well the article achieves its goal
a? What is the central lesson of the article
a? What are the articleas shortcomings and strengths
a? What personal experiences have you related to the subject
a? Conclusion
o Provide a final overview
o Suggested recommendations for further research
o Why this study matters