Rticle Review on Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Your article should be a peer-reviewed journal article. You can find those through the library webpage. Please include the following areas:

Please include the following items in your review.
1. Research question/hypothesis
2. Type of research
3. Population
4. Results
5. Analysis of validity and important of study
Just in case some of you are having trouble navigating our online library, I thought I would go ahead and post instructions and tips. Heres the general way I get to where I usually find psychology related journal articles:
From the main Brandman Univ. webpage, under the quick links there is a link for the library. If you click that, and then on that page there is a link to access the virtual library, click that. On that page, near the top is a Start Your Research button. Click that. That will take you to the database area. I usually scroll all the way to the bottom, where it says Databases (search for articles). Then I pick search by title. That takes you to the huge list of databases that we have access to. For all my psychology research, I tend to use the database PsychInfo. They are in alphabetical order so scroll down until you find that database. Click on connect and that will put you into the database. From there you can just search keywords for what your research is on. You can click on a little box that says full text and peer-reviewed so it will only give you the articles that have full text right there for you and that have been peer-reviewed. I hope that helps.