Rticle review on the effects of handwashing to prevent nosocomial infections in the neonatal unit

the assessment is divided overall into three parts:
part 1: Abstract and introduction
Part 2: Article reviewed
part 3: overall concluding summary and directions.(finish with a summary which brings together the findings and conclusions of the entire review. then present your own ideas and conclusions about the directions for improving health outcomes and nursing practice that is related to the topic.)

the topic is : The effects of handwashing to prevent nosocomial infections in the neonatal unit. address this topic broadly, you need to choose a specific focus for the review. the first article is provided which is essential for the review.(Brady, M.T. Health care-associated infections in the neonatal intensive care unit. American journal of Infection Control. 2005 June; 33 (5), 268-75.). Then locate and utilise another TWO articles in your review.
For each review you must begin with a concise introduction, and then a statement of each articles relevance to the topic for the article review. following a description of the background to each paper. you then present your overview of the main points, and an analysis and discussion of the issues raised in each article. the next step is to include your critique and evaluation of the specific article and is where you state your professional judgement of the content and approach of each article. for each article write a brief summary and conclusion that draws together the essence of each paper and how it contributes to your understanding of your topic. It is customary in a review of this kind to also identify any limitations, gaps and/or future directions for futher scholarship in the area.

P.S. My writing skills is very poor. so i only expect to get credit. thanks