Rticle review(Replanting the Brains Forest. )

The review Must consist of the following parts

A. A Synopsis of the Article:
Beginning, on the first page, tell in your own words, using complete sentences and paragraph form, what the article was about. Summarize what the author of the article told the reader. Be succinct yet thorough.2-3page should suffice.

B. Analysis:
Describe the authors bias.(if you use a speciality publication of a particular activist group or organization, be particularly sure to analyze for bias) How did the authors opinions affect the articles balance and fairness? Does the author show unsubstantiated partiality to particular opinions or ideas relevant to the articles focus? Explain how you came to your conlusions. Describe how the presentation could have been made more objective. Use complete sentences and paragraph form.

Also, describe what you liked about the presentation of the information, and what you did not like(charts, graphs, language, clarity, etc. Note : If the language of an article is too difficult for you to follow, do not use the article) 1&1/2 to 2 pages will probably suffice.
*Biasan inclination of temperament, judgement, or outlook in regard to evaluation observations or in the consideration of ideas. Examples : The author was strongly biased in favor of….”; The authors bias was revealed in that …”

C. Intellectual benefit

Describe what , overall, you took from the article that was valuable. Relate what you learned that you did not know before, or what it made you think about that you had not thought about before. Use complete sentences and paragraph form. 1&1/2 to 2 pages will probably suffice.

Each of the last three headings(Synopsis, Analysis, Intellectual Benefit)should be clearly displayed at the beginning of each section, and directly above the text that it identifies (do not dangle headings at the bottom of a page).

The review must be written in Standard American English, indented paragraph, non-columnar format.

The total length of the body review will probably be about four-five typewritten pages(about 1000-1250 words).