Rticle Summary on Sleep and the Menstrual Cycle by Rachel Manber and Richard R. Bootzin

1) Summarize the major design features and findings of the study. Refer to Chapter 1 for information on identifying relevant experimental variables
and research designs.

2) Identify the theoretical orientation of the author(s) and the criteria you used to assign the label of behaviorist, humanist, cognitive, biological, socio-cultural, evolutionary, psychodynamic, and so on. Discuss how the theoretical orientation of the author(s) may have influenced the research design.

3) Include a complete and accurate reference list and cite resources in the body of the paper. The paper should be about three (3), double-spaced pages. (The
title page and reference list are not included in the page count.) Use 12-point font (not larger), 1 inch margins (on the four sides), and left justify the paper. When double-spacing, do not add additional spaces between paragraphs.

4) No abstract is needed for this assignment. Again, do not include an abstract. It will take your energy away from writing an effective first paragraph. That introductory paragraph should explain what you plan to achieve in the paper. Also include a summary paragraph that sums up what the paper contains.