Rticle summary on Supply chain management,

1. Find an article in a print or online publication about Supply chain managementfrom a verifiable, peer-reviewed site.

2. Article on Measuring & reporting outcomes”

3. Article on the International supply chain”

1 page for each article summary all 3 of these should be written in below format:

Example of the Format for a Reading Synopsis

Article: a?Stretching Federal Labor Law Far into South Pacifica?

Synopsis: The Mariannas Islands, an American possession in the South Pacific, have become a major garment manufacturing center because of the preferential treatment goods made there receive. Wages lower than the US may be paid; American wage and hour laws do not apply; the goods made there are exempt from import quotas and duties. Most of the workers are Chinese from the mainland who work under conditions far below American standards, but which are very acceptable to the workers, who can earn much more than in China. A group of American attorneys and public interest groups are suing the manufacturers for underpaying and mistreating the workers.

Why Chosen: The article describes legal and economically attractive working conditions which are different than those in the US and which have attracted the attention of public interest groups to become active outside the US.

Application to Course: The traditional benefits from establishing operations in developing countries may be challenged by public interest groups, thus complicating and even threatening such operations.

What You Learned: American laws and influence extend well beyond US borders and may cause conflicts with host country laws and interests.

Your Assessment of the Articles Content: It appears that merely complying with the letter of the law is insufficient. One must comply with the spirit of the law and the interests of the influential stakeholders.

Citation: New York Times, Saturday, February 20, 1999, Page A4.