Rticle summary The Impact of Corruption on Liquidity, Execution Risk, and Foreign Equity Investments in International Capital Markets

Produce a 500 words (between 300 and 1500 words are acceptable) report on the topic which should include:

A summary of what you learned (main results of the paper),
A paragraph about the strengths of the analysis,
Criticisms of the analysis: (a) Try to identify any factors that would affect the results but are not included in study (b) Any alternative explanations of the observed results than the one hypothesized in the paper (c) You can also list any typos or inconsistencies (so that they can be fixed for the future) although those are much less important and may be ignored,
Ideas for Extension: If you were asked by your boss to conduct a study on the same topic, how you would extend the analysis? What questions would you ask that are not already answered in the paper on SSRN. Finally, try to actually find some answers to your questions.