Rtificial intelligence concepts and future in business

This paper is for a management information systems class. So its Artificial Intelligence relating to management information systems.

Requirements for the final, written paper include a font size of 12, double-spaced, typewritten, with
4-6 references. Eight double-spaced pages of content is minimum length. Do not attempt to meet
this requirement by having excessive margins or spaces between paragraphs. This paper should
demonstrate your ability to communicate a Management Information System concept.

Cover page. Use a single cover page that contains the title of the paper, your name, MGT
327, and the due date. Balance and center the contents both horizontally and vertically on the

Spacing. Double spacing only throughout the paper. (The standard exception is a direct
quote of over 40 words that is single-spaced and indented both left and right.)

References. You MUST have a minimum of four references that you actually use and cite in
your paper. Use APA formatting.