Rtificial intelligence will never be a safe option to substitute human thinking and abilities.

. Write a classical argument position paper of 750-850 words.

2. CONSULT AT LEAST 7 sources for your paper and at least 2 different kinds of sources. (See instructions below for providing a list of these sources). 10 points. (Note: if you do not cite ALL SEVEN sources in your paper, please provide the sources in APA format in an a€œAdditional Sourcesa€� list AFTER your References page.) By failing to do this, students lose a significant number of points. Be sure to indicate you have reported that you consulted the required number of sources.

3. CITE at least 3 different sources actually in your paper. Use proper APA in-text citation format. 10 points.

4. Use the following organization for your paper. Be sure to have a title page, running heads (top of the paper), headings in proper APA format.

A· Get the readera€™s attention by means of an interesting, engaging introduction. (Heading: Introduction). 5 points

A· Give the necessary background information so the reader understands the issue. (Heading: Background). 5 points.

A· Clearly state your position. (Heading: Position). 10 points.

A· Provide a forecast of your main points in the paper. (Heading: Preview of Main Points). 10 points.

A· Clearly state the reasons that support your position and support each reason with appropriate and sufficient evidence. (Heading: Evidence). 10 points

A· Summarize one major opposing argument and effectively respond to it. (Heading: One Major Opposing Argument). 10 points.

A· Provide a strong conclusion that summarizes your argument, calls for action and/or leaves a powerful impression. (Heading: Conclusion). 10 points.

5. Use appropriate APA style documentation for in-text citations and a separate references page. 10 Points. (Note: many students fail to provide this in double spaced format with hanging indents for the entries. Make sure you pay special attention to the use of upper and lower case letters). Check the sample References page, WR 459 for example entries.