Rtist Perception Discovering Context: The Principles of Design and Historical Narratives of Jacob Lawrence

Artists Perception: The Principles of Design and Historical Narratives of Jacob Lawrence

Who was Jacob Lawrence? Jacob Lawrence was an important American painter whose painting, Going Home, is discussed in Chapter 3 of Artforms. He is also known for at least two important series of works, the Migration Series and the Harriet Tubman Series. In this Artist Perception assignment, we will discover the academic contexts that reveal the meanings behind of Lawrences subjects, style, and narrative themes.

Step1: Research

To begin this assignment, you will conduct a search on the art of Jacob Lawrence on the Smithsonian American Art Museum website (see link below). Review all of Lawrences works that you can find. Read his biographical material as well. When you are done with your research, choose one painting or drawing you would like to focus on for this assignment. All Artist Perception assignments in this course require that you include at least one relevant, properly captioned and cited image file in your document.

Step 2: Writing

A. First, summarize Jacob Lawrences works, style, and inspirations in one informative sentence. Base this information on the biographical and collections database research youve done.

B. Next, in at least one fully-developed paragraph of approximately 200 words, identify one major painting, drawing, or print by Jacob Lawrence and discuss the works visual characteristics using the DICP method explained in your Writing Skills Review portion of Module 1. (DICP stands for Description, Iconography, Context, and Point of View.) Incoroporate Module 1s key vocabulary and terminology especially regarding how Lawrence used the elements of art and principles of design in his art.

C. In at least one more fully-developed paragraph of at least 200 words, explain how Jacob Lawrences works tell personal stories about the era in which he lived. Base your summary on information you have found from the reocmmended sites as well as those youve found on your own. How did the political and social climate of the time in which he worked affect his subjects and the manner in which he designed, composed, and painted them?

D. Concludeby explaining what you first thought of Lawrences art and how your opinion was altered by what your research and newly discovered historical, cultural, and compositional contexts revealed.

Recommended Artist Perceptions Research Sources:

The Smithsonian American Museum of Art html
The Library of Congress Prints and Photos Collection or similar timeline information source