Rtist Perception (Studio Project) Art of Light and Motion

Artist Perception (Studio Project) Art of Light and Motion

Man Ray. Untitled (Light Writing)

Man Ray. Untitled (Light Writing). 1939, Printed
after 1960. Smithsonian American Museum of Art.

Step1: Research
Photographer Eadweard Muybridge played a pivotal role role in the advancement of still photography into the new field of cinematography. When his photographic sequences were played his new invention–the zA¶opraxiscope–the resulting Moving picturesheralded the beginning of the new art of cinematography. Review the material on Eadweard Muybridge, including the still sequence, Horse in Motion, in Chapter 8 of Artforms. Next, watch two of Muybridges works, the first film, Race Horse (1878) and Buffalo (1883) at silentfilmhouse.com

Step 2: Studio Work
Can still photography ever adequately convey fleeting experiences such as light and motion? Using one of the photographic devices available to you, including a digital camera, cell phone camera, or even a copy machine, create a work of art that conveys the theme of light, motion, or both.

When you have achieved your desired photographic effect, copy and paste your photo into a document file. Include a proper caption for the work with your name, date, and your photos title. Use short essay format to explain your subject matter and process in a part of a 500-600 word summary. Include a thesis statement in your introduction. Employ the vocabulary specific to photography, and include an assessment of your work based on the principles of design and elements of art. As you evaluate your final results, answer the following questions:

1. Did you Capturethe image you hoped for?
2. Did you feel restricted by your chosen technology?
3. Did you wish you could switch to video?
4. We are surrounded by a world of light and motion. Was the development of still photography into the realm of Moviesinevitable? If Eadweard Muybridge had not done this, do you think someone else would have?
5. Aside from his initial bet with Leland Stanford, what do you think drove Eadweard Muybridge to produce sequenced images, invent the zA¶opraxiscope, and produce the first primitive cinematic work?

Basic Information for all AP Submissions:

Create a Works Citedsection that lists your various sources in MLA Style format at the end of your minimum 2-paragraph AP. Be sure you have properly cited any direct quotes you use in support of your own writing. For help with MLA Style citations, visit the suggested links in the ART 110 Research Guide or in our course home pages Links area. All Artist Perception assignments in this course require that you include at least one relevant, properly captioned and cited image file in your document.