Rtitical analyis of 3 appeals of Letter from birmingham jail”. from Mater Luther king. Jr. April 16, 1963

organize and write a 5 paragraph essay of about 3 pages ( double spaced in 12pt. type) which analyzes the effectiveness of the 3 appeals ( logical, emotional, ethical). remember my job is to analyze, not agree or disagree.
Each appeal should be discussed in one of the 3 body paragraphs, using of every point you make. each paragraph should include a statement about the effectiveness, or lack of effectiveness, of that appeal.
the logical appeal analysis must show an understanding of the logical fallacies, just as the emotional appeal analysis must give examples of loaded languages or diction intended to arouse emotions. the analysis of the ethical appeal must give specific examples of good will, good sense,and good moral character, or lack of any of the 3.