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FIELD TRIP ONE i?? Art Gallery of NSW

Field Trip Preparation: To prepare yourself for this field trip, go to the AGNSWi??S
website. Find out information on the AGNSWi??s mission/vision, programs. What
information (programs, apps, images, events) about i??Conversationsi?? is available online?

Field Trip TWO i?? ART SPACE

Field Trip Preparation: au/


Choose one exhibition from above two galleries.

1.Describes the exhibitioni??s curatorial premise and speculates on what may be of
interest to this institution and its youth audiences at this time.

2.Selects one interpretive strategy (i.e. wall labels/texts/signage; OR one
education program developed for a specialist audience OR an app for mobile
device) used to communicate aspects of the exhibitioni??s content, describes its
intended purpose and assesses its merits and limitations. Include 4-6 images
(captioned) that you discuss in the report.

3.The field trip report should be in the form of an essay but feel free to use subheadings to organise your response. Images of the exhibition installation are important to include and discuss within your response.

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Information about the ART SPACE

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