Ruel and Unusual Punishment The Death Penalty

Please Note: This is a RESEARCH PAPER, not an essay.

Due Date: December 6, 2009 (NO EXCEPTIONS), however I will need no later than December 3 to review.

Paper will be typed, and should use one and one half or double spacing with 12-font script. Due to the paper being brief, it will demand CAREFUL THOUGHTS, writing and editing.

Topic Information:

There are those who argue that a curious and tragic contradiction exists in our political system. While the U.S. Constitution s Eighth Amendment prohibits  cruel and unusual punishment, the United States is the only country in the world in which capital punishment& the death penalty& is consistently applied. Texas easily leads other states in its zeal for enforcing the  ultimate punishment. A superior essay should address and answer the following questions: Is or should the death penalty be unconstitutional? Why? What are the most salient arguments for and against the death penalty as it is currently practiced in the United States?


All questions require you to craft a well-edited and balanced analysis of the subject. Arguments should be clear, specific, and backed up by solid research (legitimate studies, statistics, specific examples, and logic). Your paper should include a minimum of six sources, half of which should be available in print (this means you may find them on the internet but they are also available in a print version. You should clearly indicate any quotations or references to the ideas of others with footnotes or endnotes using any commonly accepted system of citation (MLA preferred).

Make sure to include a concise statement of your thesis in the introductory paragraph and reach an equally clear conclusion in your final paragraph. You should write in a professional and persuasive voice, avoiding the use of  I and mushy feelings. Imagine that you are an aide writing a memorandum for a government official.