Rug and/or alcohol problem with bipolar affective disorder.

There needs to be an emphasis on the drug and alcohol problem and mental health nursing interventions to treat the problem.

It is important to use headings eg. Mental Nursing Intervention, Pharmacological Intervention, Drug and Alcohol Intervention etc.

Case Study Outline

1. Introduction

Introduce the Case Study Client
Describe the client s diagnosis.
Clearly outline what you are going to be discussing in the Case Study.

2. Body of text

Presents the patient s story briefly-includes clinical presentation, developmental history, psychiatric and medical history, drug and alcohol use, mental state assessment, identified problems, management plan and risk assessment.

Do not describe the clinical progress of the client. That is not the focus of the case study. The focus of the case study is the interventions and a critique of the interventions.

Describe interdisciplinary interventions.

Emphasise mental health nursing interventions.

Emphasise drug and alcohol nursing interventions.

Critique the clinical management of the patient, and interpret the outcome of the interventions, supported with relevant (and appropriate) literature.

3. Conclusion

In the conclusion ensure that the main points of the case study are summarised.


You only have 1500 words in which to write the case study.
The whole aim of academic writing is demonstrate that you have the discipline to describe a case study well and concisely within word limits. You must write briefly.

For this case study you need to have an introduction where you introduce the client, their diagnosis and describe exactly what you will talk about in the case study.

In the body of the text you present the patient s story very briefly.
Then describe interdisciplinary interventions with an emphasis on mental health nursing interventions. Then critique the clinical management of the patient.

You then conclude the case study and ensure that the main points of the case study are summarised.

All of this needs to be done within the word limit and in properly constructed sentences. Dot points are not acceptable.

In this way you demonstrate you have academic writing discipline.

Word limits for the essay will be strictly followed. Marks will be deducted if the word limit is more than 10% over the limit.

Again, to emphasise, the clinical progress of the patient is not the focus of the case study. You must focus on interventions and preferably mental health interventions.

The case study must not concentrate on  this happened to the client and this happened to the client and this happened to the client .

You must focus on interventions (preferably mental health and drug and alcohol nursing interventions) and critique their effectiveness.

Follow carefully the guidelines as described in the Primary Mental Health Care Study Guide and the Discipline Style Guide.

It is important to reference recent journal articles that are pertinent to the Case Study.
A valuable website is Electronic Databases for Nursing.
Access databases for journal articles using this website among others.
Often, the database will allow you to download the entire article, which is advantageous.

Here is the website


Higher marks will be awarded if there is a critique of the interventions with supporting referenced evidence.
The Cochrane Reviews may help here.
(See Cochrane Reviews in Electronic Databases for Nursing)

This is an academic essay.

Please do not reference generic websites on mental health. These websites are opinion based and not back up by evidence. This cannot be emphasised enough.

Please reference published peer-reviewed studies and published textbooks.

The website in the Barr Smith Library  Electronic Databases for Nurses should give you a wide range of published reputable studies to draw from.
There is also the Mental Health Resource Page on the library website.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and/or contact Maureen Bell, the Mental Health Librarian of the Barr Smith Library.