Rug delivery using solid, lipid nano-particles (in the last 3-5 years)

Look at a very large number of review articles on the subject. Create the paper through the standard method of creating dissertations, i.e having a contents page, abstract, background,etc.
Introduction (why drugs are delivered this way, and the advantages and disadvantages).

Part 2 should include the most common set of methods available to prepare solid, lipid nano particles, (there should be around 10 mentioned).

The third chapter will be the biggest chapter (twice as big as the chapter 1 and 2) which will contain a massive review of current advancements. There needs to be a large number of reviews and references showing the work and findings carried out by scientists in the current times. (Only as old as 2010,). As this dissertation is based on looking at other peoples finding and articles, we need to show a good understanding of the subject area showing that we have included many many reviews.
In the last section we can include future work (small section) and a Conclusion.

I hope this information is sufficient, however if there is anything you want me add or you have anything to ask, please do not hesitate. I will answer back as soon as possible.