Rug policies need to approach legalization


Choose one of our dilemma topics from our book (todays moral issues) as the focus of your short paper. If you have another topic in mind, please consult with me for permission.
length: 4 to 5 pages
–format: typed
–due: end of April
–Format: Microsoft Word
–Line Spacing: Double-Spaced
Print: Black

The following is merely a suggestion for the organization of the paper, but it might be useful as an indication of how it could look:
a) Initial statement of your position concerning the moral dilemma; how to resolve it, how you plan to argue for/against it.
b) Amplification of your position; your main points or position.
c) Backup: some cited references and supporting evidence for your position.
d) Your criticisms of alternative or contrary points of view.
e) Your conclusion/summing up.
Plagiarism is a serious breach of academic integrity. If you submit plagiarized materials you will receive a zero on the assignment. If you need an extension of the due date for the paper, please consult with me.

These are the teachers instructions. I would like the writer to do a short paper on the topic of drug policy. I think it is a simple issue that the writer would find a lot of arguments and sources for. Please argue for legalization as a better substitute for policy instead of prohibition. Follow the instruction above please. Please feel free to use more sources if needed or one less. 4-6 sources is ok. Just make sure the paper is 4 pages separately from the bibliography page.