Rug Testing Employees and Applicants: Ethical or not?

This is a legal research and analysis report. Its is about Privacyand Substance abuses”. You must cite, discuss and apply 4 cases not presented in the text or case book. You must present and apply 2 cases on each side of the issue and apply 1 statue on each side of the issue. Evaluate both the employer right to know argument and the employee right to privacy.
The research papers must be not less than four pages, double-spaced, and no more than 6 pages.
The term paper must have consistent and proper INTERNAL citations. No footnotes. Dont cite a textbook, either ours or another; dont cite a newspaper, magazine or other similar source such as CNN; dont use wikipedia.

DONT use these cases:
City of Ontario, California v. Quon (2010 WL 2400087)
Norman-Bloodsaw v. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (135 F.3d 1260)
Marshall v. Barlows (436 U.S. 307)

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