Rug Treatment (as Crime Prevention Policy in Prison) Choose one specific Drug

Describe the Policy: Provide a full and complete description of the policy or program that you have selected. Provide as much of the history and background of the policy as you can. Describe how the policy in question represents a departure from the current US correctional systemas reliance upon incarceration and/or punishment.

(b) Theoretical and Ideological Underpinnings: Why has this policy or program been developed? What theoretical ideas is it based on? What political ideology does the policy or program reflect?

(c) Research Evidence: Assess the research evidence on the effectiveness of the policy or program. Is there empirical support for it? How effective has the policy or program been in meeting its original goals or objectives?

(d) Critical Evaluation: Has the policy or program worked? What effects, if any, has it had? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What recommendations would you have for policymakers? How and why does this policy or program represent an improvement upon the existing US correctional system?