Rug Use in Sports OR Attitudes Towards Drug Use in Sports

I have a RESEARCH TOPIC JUSTIFICATION DOCUMENT due Monday. I need the paper by tomorrow (Sunday), and have paid to have the paper by then. This paper will be submitted by my instructor to plagiarism websites to check for that and the major part of this paper deals with the references/sources. I have to have FIVE PEER REVIEWED references/sources. If i do not have a minimum of five peer reviewed articles (which will be checked), I receive an automatic zero. The paper has to be 12 point, Times New Roman font and double spaced using the correct APA formatting and citations.

Paper Instructions from Instructor: Identify some aspect ( Two topics listed above for writer to choose from) of the sport industry that you want to examine. Identify and develop/justify a certain topic. This is not a full scaled research project as you are not designing a study. You should have four elements to your paper (REQUIRED) Abstract, Introduction (serves to justify or rationalized a topic and present the Identified issue”), Literature Review and Conclusion. Introduction, Lit. Review and Conclusion should be section headers in the paper. Discussion/Conclusion should tie back in to the relevant literature. THERE SHOULD BE NO OPINIONS interjected into the paper.

Paper is minimum 1000 words but less than 1250 words.
** You need to include : an APA title page, an abstract page (DOES NOT count towards word count), a running header on each page, and a reference page (refer to APA manual). These elements ARE NOT CONSIDERED in your total word count.