Ruise Shipping: Management Control and Prospects for the greek economy

This dissertation is about the sector of cruise shipping. More specifically it is examined the aspect of management control in cruise shipping companies. The management control is based on the contingency theory, thus this theory should be explained in depth. Also, as cruising has many similarities with the the hospitality industry, those similarities as well as its differences should be highlighted. due to the fact a cruise ship is kind of a floating hotel, the differences to a hotel should be highlighted. Also the impact of the culture of the sea on running a cruise ship should be inferred. Some things should be written that the captain is like a god for all passengers and staff. some details about the safety and a little reference on the recent accident of the cost concordia cruise ship in italy. Also some stuff about the fact that cruise companies are relatively unregulated and they run vessels that are offshore wealth generators. Also a reference about the relation of cruise companies with the government. And finally a reference about the prospects of cruise in greece. That despite the current awful economic stature of greek republic, the cruise may provide a significant boost in the greek economy if some disadvantages are lifted like bureaucracy, simplification of the legislation and the increase of greek destinations that are used as home-ports .
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Referencing Requirements:
-Drury, C., (2008) Management and cost Accounting 7th ed. Great Britain, South Western: Cengage Learning. pp. 387-407
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The first two books incorporate information about the management control systems
In general, i would like to be used more journals instead than books for the research.
Some journals of Dr Alexis Papathanassis may also be used. (cruise shipping society)
And i would like to be used the book of devils on the deep blue sea. 0670034185