Ruise Sub brand collection spring summer 2014 for victoria beckham brand, using rational mega trends

A fully illustrated collection of a new cruise sub brand proposal for Victoria Beckham brand , supported by portfolio , research and development including. i use in sub brand collection mega trends Rational, this new cruise collection brand should be for spring summer 2014, it should be marketing plan with
Situation analysis (start with background research to support my idea( trend research, industry research, consumer research)
Competitor analysis ( analyse 3-4 competitor according to the Swot model.
-marketing objectives 2 or 3 objectives according to the smart model.
segmentation: identify possible segments in the market
-Targeting: identify which segment youre going to target and which targeting strategy you will be using.
1.positioning map
2. USP or Point of differentiation

brand identity
1. Brand name
2. logo
3. Colour palette( is on white light grey colors)
4. brand layout with moldboard
5 labelling and packaging

Marketing Mix
1. core benefit actual product benefit
2. Actual product benefit
3. Augmented product benefit
4. potential product benefits

1. pricing strategies
2. price band matrix
3. competitors price mix analysis
1.Distribution Channels
2. Consider the location of your outlets
1. one year promotional calendar
2. Launch campaign
a. advertising
b. PR
c. in-store
e. other… any aspect of the promotional mix that is relevant to your project