Ruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster, genetic cross.

This is a biological research paper about genetic crosses between male and female fruit flies. I will have the protocol uploaded. This is for my second semester general biology class-undergraduate university level

-Materials and Methods

The four sources I need are from other research articles found for example from and or NCBI pubmed. There have to be some in-text citations.

I had to mate fruit flies, Drosophila melanogaster, male with female. There were two types of fruit flies that were mated, wild type and apterous.

My hypothesis is that the phenotypic ratio of the cross between the wild type and apterous fruit flies will yield a F2 generation with a 3:1 ratio.

There are 100 total flies

74 wild type: 46 females, 26 males

26 apterous: 16 females, 10 males

Comes out to 62 females, 38 males 100

The numbers may be off but I can work through that after.

I need this paper by 8:45 am eastern time today, Tuesday the 19th of april.

My last few papers that i have turned in have not received good grades and I really need to do well on this last paper so I am hoping this service can help me out.

I know the materials and methods part is something that is hard to write about if you were there for the lab so if writing it is an issue, I can work that part out.

This is the first semester where research papers have been applied to our classes and we have written 2 previous papers for this class so a an outstanding paper is not expected but one that is straight forward and up to point with the rubric