S Englsh Literature, Dramatic Genre Coursework How does King Learas personal journey and self-realisation define tragedy?a?

a? Write in essay form and construct arguments relevant to the task(s)
a? Offer textual evidence to support your arguments
a? Use critical vocabulary to discussions of tragedy and the chosen texts
a? Show awareness of how dramatic form and structure contribute to the tragic genre
a? Show awareness of some of the details of represented speech, including imagery Shakespeare and the representation of social status in Shakespeare and other plays
a? Cross reference to other plays as part of your discussion of tragedy
a? Show awareness of different interpretations in areas such as status of tragic heroes and definitions and sub-definitions of your chosen texts within the tragic genre
a? Show awareness of literary and cultural contexts within notions of tragedy
a? Show awareness of other appropriate contexts (such as social, moral, religious and political) that may be applicable

Referencing Requirements:
William Shakespeares “King Lear”

One of the criteria states that “King Learshould be cross referenced to other tragic plays. The choice of this other title(s)is down to the writers discretion; however I have been studying A Streecar Named Desirealongside “King Lear”, so this could be a choice.