S human populations increase, it is essential to clear land in order to support food production. Do you agree ?

student will submit a 700 word essay on the topic above.( the word count may be +/10% and still meet satisfactory requirement). the word count must be included in each essay and is exclusive of direct quotes, in text citation and reference list.
student should not just describe the topic but should evaluate it by giving reasons and supporting their ideas and opinions from their reading and experience.
students need to incorporate information from at least 2, but not more than 5 different authoritative and reliable sources into the essay. students may refer to the sources as many time as they wish in the essay but only 2 direct quotes maybe included.
students need to submit a reference list with their essaythat is only the two or three sources referred in their essay not a list of everything that they have read while researching their essay.

NOTE: Has to be an academic essay.