S ocean temperatures increase, the intensity and strength of hurricanes also increases

I will include a list of sources and an annotated bibliography to help the writer. I ask that he/she utilizes and includes several of these sources if they are able. If the writer feels like the sources do not provide adequate information for the topic, please find another SCHOLARLY source. I just need 10 sources for my paper. This topic is written with a focus on biology and I would love to have included as well: when the ocean temperatures increase and intensify hurricanes, what impact does this have on the biological life in the oceans? The main focus in this research is providing evidence that hurricanes become stronger as ocean temperatures rise, from global warming, changing seasons, etc. Also, whether new sources are added or the ones provided are used, please use parenthetical citations throughout the paper so the reader can see the sources are being utilized and not just listed at the end…thank you so much for your help. I appreciate everyones efforts and the great work you do.