S the Arabs see the JewsHis Majesty King Abdullah,

please can you upload the file and follow the structure propebly.. please I want this writer to complete the same topic that he did for me .. because he completed within 2 days and I have only 2 days left fot the deadline to hand this essay.. please ask the writer to follow the same steps that he did in the last order which he completed this week but asky him to phrafrase it and write it in diffrent style to avoid plaigirasim becase we are two student in one class .. please do proffissional work as you did last time with 6 refrences list .. do not forget to download the file where you will find the question and the cretiria..

S the Arabs see the JewsHis Majesty King Abdullah,

Please Read these Carefully and Follow the steps:

– You are required to submit a research paper that describes the origins and implications of the subject covered in the article and give your well-argued opinion on the topic.

– Your essay should include a brief summary of the argument and main points made by the author, highlighting the historical, social, political, cultural, geographical or technological facets to the issue using documented secondary sources.

– The main focus of your paper, however, should be a well-argued opinion on the authoras perspective. You will be assessed on how well you can argue your opinion, and back it up with properly cited references.

– Your paper should include a bibliography with at least four secondary sources. All of these sources should be academic, and two should be non-internet sources. Please avoid Wikipedia and other non-academic sources. ( Please Include Two Books )

– You must demonstrate correct citation style and referencing and will be graded on this aspect of your paper.