S You Like Itby Shakespeare is a still comedy, because Jaques is intended as a tool to represent relativity of values.

I will send the outline of the paper if my writer is decided. Thanks~!

p.s. This is our schools rule. So, no plagiarism please :)

1) Writing: All work you submit in writing is to be your own work written during this semester for this class. Submission of work written by someone other than yourself will be punished by a grade of F on the submission as well as a report to the dean s office. Recycling papers written by you from past semesters or submitting the same paper to two different classes is also academic dishonesty.
2) Plagiarism: Clear-cut intentional plagiarism, in which a whole paper or large sections of a paper are someone else s work passed off as your own, will be punished as intentional dishonesty resulting in an F and a report to the dean s office. Cases in which you clearly and honestly cite the sources of your work, but rely too closely on another author s wording or fail to enclose material properly in quotation marks, will be treated as unintentional plagiarism which will result in a substantially lower grade and/or require revision of the paper, but will not be prosecuted as intentional dishonesty.