Sbestos at the regional airport in Virginia

For this SLP, write a 2-3 page paper in which you:

Identify and examine options for the project, and

Describe the control of project impacts.

Examples of options include regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to reducing risk such as recycling, taxing industries on the basis of pollution, limiting pollutant emissions, and eliminating the use of hazardous materials. Try to consider all reasonable alternatives including the alternative of no project.


Sbestos at the regional airport in Virginia

Session Long Project Summary

For the session-long projects in this course, you will develop a limited environmental health risk management plan for a project type of your choice ( a limited risk management plan is one which is limited in scope). The plan will be divided into five parts, one part for each module 1 thru 5. The framework for the risk management plan is as follows:

Identifying the project and defining the problem. This step includes identifying the specific chemical or situation that may cause an adverse impact on human health or the ecosystem.

Identifying the Stakeholders.

Placing the problem in the proper context.

Examining options for addressing the risks.

Making a decision about which option to implement.

As an alternative for the SLP you may development an environmental health risk management plan for any one of the following toxic substances (Click on the toxic substance for its toxicological profile to use with the SLP):











Should you prefer to use another toxic substance for the SLP which is not listed above, please contact your professor for the profile or go to the ATSDR Web site at gov and download the profile.

For an example of a risk assessment for a foodborne pathogen click here:

Fazil AM (2003). Risk Assessment of Campylobacter spp. in Broiler Chickens. In: Seminar for Risk Management and Risk Assessment for CCFH/

Module 1 SLP Assignment

The purpose of this first SLP is to identify a project and define the environmental health and ecosystems problems associated with it. Write a 2-3 page paper in which you:

Describe the project (For example an electrical power plant or an airport) It is preferred that you select one of the toxic substances listed above.

Asbestos link:
define the environmental health and ecosystem problems associated with it. (It is recommended that you select a project for which a risk assessment or toxic profile has already been prepared and published.)

Be sure to justify your opinions with evidence from the literature. Your answer should be supported by references and the references should be cited in the body of your discussion as well as in a reference list.