Scaping Salem The other witch hunt of 1692 by Richard Godbeer

Answer the following questions. Be sure to use support information from the text as often as possible. Each answer must be a minimum of one and one-half double spaced. No more than two pages.

1) After reading the narrative on the trials, discuss the question of Katherine Branchs credibility as an accuser. Did she have fits, was she truly tormented, was she confused; or was she a charlatan, being manipulated by others? Support your opinion by using references from the text.

2) Describe conditions existing in Puritan communities that lead to witchcraft mania. what other issues in the communities might have compounded the accusatory nature of the mania ?

3) How difficult was it for magistrates to conduct witchcraft trials? How could authorities determine guilt when surrounded by both skeptics and religious believers? Discuss the laws, written statements, pamphlets and books used by magistrate to determine guilt or innocence of those accused of witchcraft?

4) Discuss the differences between the Salem trials and the trials in Connecticut.

Each question is separate but answer them in that order. be sure to use a lot of support from the text.