Scertaining Organizational Behaviour of Contracting Firms Based on the Impact of Cultural Factors

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We are trying to ascertain Organizational Behaviour of Turkish Contracting Firms Based on the Impact of Cultural Factors.

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We are trying to find out organizational behaviour of Turkish Contracting Firms based on the impact of cultural factors. Cultural factors have a trigger effect on the organizational behaviour because of the cultural background of the organizations and their workers.

The construction engineering and management industry doesnat exist exclusively in the relative microcosm of and neither should the research. It is requested that we should apply our geographic specific findings to the broader global community.

Construction companies as a component factor of the industry should continually change with time and technology. To achieve sustainable competitiveness in the international market, the Turkish construction industry should advance by following the changing market conditions, adapting to new procurement systems and business trends, and tracking for developments. The EU accession process has a direct impact on the Turkish construction industry with its new directions, standards, regulations, modification of legislations, and competitive environment. Due to the nature of the construction industry, the successful changing of a culture or working with another national culture requires clear management and commitment throughout all levels of organizations in the construction industry. Success in the global construction arena depends on the sensitivity of managers to cultural differences and awareness about the cultural context of the construction organizations. Certain organizations in the construction industry have certain behaviors based on their structures and cultural background. Cultural aspects of individual values and attitudes; motivation; teamwork; communication; power and politics; perception, personality, and emotions; leadership; and organizational culture can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the construction industry. Organization culture and behavior leads to identification of strategies to improve performance, satisfaction, cooperation, motivation, communication, conflict management, leadership, and teamwork skills in the construction industry. Organizational culture also forces the organization to shape the behaviors of its members. The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of dimensions of organizational culture through the construction companies. Objectives of the research will be carried out by ascertaining the organizational structure with managerial practices through the competitiveness factors. Factor analysis was also applied in this research to look into the internal mechanism of construction companies.