Scherichia coli ESBL positive and its interaction with the human urothelial cells

This work in Biology (Medical Microbiology)

a? Talk About Enterobacteriaces with references.
a? Then, Talk about E.coli with References.
a? Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) with References.
a? Epidemiology of ESBL E.coli with References.
a? Medical significance of ESBL E.coli with References.

Aims And Objectives:
a? Talk about Binding of urothelial cells with References.
a? Cytotoxic side effects with References.
a? Photodynamic therapy with References.

Methods and Materials:
The laboratory project period is 12 week use different materials and methods and finds the result.
Please explain some methods and materials used before in other articles and research.

Make sure add at least 25 references I can use later. I will give you articals i found it to add it like a Harvard Style.