SCI 108: Computer Science & Phython Midterm

Email your answers in a Word document attachment. Please run your answers through a spell-checker prior to submission. Make sure your NAME is listed on the top of any attached document and your answer are complete and succinct. Any incident of a copy-and-paste from a website will result in a forfeit and zero points for the midterm. Your answers should involve research to at least two sources (list them) and should be in your own words. The midterm is worth 500 points.

-Convert the decimal number 111 into binary.
-Convert the decimal number 777 into hexadecimal.
-Briefly explain what ASCII and UNICODE are and how they relate.
-Briefly explain the difference between lossless and lossy data compression.
-Name two other high level programming languages besides Python.
-Briefly explain what RAM and CPU mean and do in a computer.
-Briefly describe the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web.
-Briefly describe what an Algorithm is.
-Briefly describe what a GATE in Computer Science Engineering is.
-Research the anticipated need and current salaries for two computer science related fields using the U.S. governments Bureau of Labor Statistics website.