Sda and Tesco Restructuring to reflect multichannel markets

use 3 theoretical
include business analysis from different organisations
min 30 ref
Omnichannel strategies
report format
Creating a Report

Academic reports must include the following sections:

Cover Page
Includes the title of the r

Sda and Tesco Restructuring to reflect multichannel markets

As per attached file

Referencing Requirements:
As per attached file

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Dear writer,
I just want to add some clarification such as :
1-The references should by at least 30 , Sorry because i was mention 25.
2-Use Three Theoretical.
3-Include business analyses from different organisation.
4Report format (2000) word
5I have uploaded two file in order to help you
Areport format as wanted
B-tutorial about Omnichnnel

Many thanks

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the file of tutorial rejected to uploaded !

Sda and Tesco Restructuring to reflect multichannel markets

format REPORT

read attach the case study


Management Practice has been influenced by theory generated over the past 150 years. How significant and influential are such theories on leadership and management to the business environment in the 21st Century?

* You are required to research 3 theoretical contributions to the study of leadership.

* Discuss critically the relevance of these theoretical contributions.

* Apply them to the current restructuring plans of Tesco and Asda.

* Your analysis should include examples from business practice and literature from business journals.

and find attach full details of everything you need

please focuses on the assignment

30 references

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find attach 2 file