Short answers ( only need 12 sentence per each)

please choose 7 from below
i only need 1-2 sentence per each


(3) According to William Carlos Williams, what trait(s) does Daniel Boone share with Red Eric that makes them both part of a€œthe American Graina€�?

(4) In which chapter of In The American Grain does Williams include himself as a character? How does the autobiographical portrayal parallel the historical figure Williams also portrays in that chapter?

(5) In Williamsa€™s chapter on Cotton Mather, what does Williams directly tell readers about Mather?

(6) In The Squatter and the Don, who or what does Don Mariano Alamar blame on his deathbed for his familya€™s misfortunes?

(7) According to MarA­a RuA­z de Burton, what direct impact did the Land Act of 1851 have on Mexican (aka Californio) landowners in the U.S. Southwest?

(8) What does it mean to be a a€œgentlemana€� in the world of The Squatter and the Don?

(9) In Death Comes for the Archbishop, what specific qualities do the Church leaders desire in their new bishop, and how does Latour fit these?

(10) In the closing chapter of Death Comes for the Archbishop, Latour expresses satisfaction at having lived to see the end of two great injustices. One of them is the end of slavery in the U.S. What is the other one?

(11) Find an example in Cathera€™s novel of transplanted flora, and explain how it functions as a metaphor of the missionaries as a€œtransplantsa€� from another place.

(12) Why is Eulalia PA©rez so keen on explaining early on in her memoir that she comes from a€œwhitea€� parentage?

(13) What makes Faulknera€™s Thomas Sutpen so offensive, so frightening to his fellow slaveholders and plantation owners in Absalom, Absalom!?

(14) Why does Rosa Coldfield abandon a€œSutpena€™s Hundreda€� after agreeing to marry him?

(15) What does Charles Bon show Henry Sutpen in New Orleans that deeply disturbs Henry?

(16) Why does Wash Jones kill Thomas Sutpen?

(17) Why does Shreve ask Quentin Compson a€œWhy do you hate the South?a€� at the end of Absalom, Absalom? And why does Quentin answer as he does?

(19) Who is the a€œDew Breakera€� of Danticata€™s story of the same name, and what does the term mean?

(20) In Let The Great World Spin, Jaslyn goes to Yale and ends up working for a non-profit organization that helps victims of Hurricane Katrina. What does her sister end up doing, and where?

(21) In McCanna€™s novel, what does Claire show the other women who are visiting her Park Avenue apartment? Why is it important for the others to see it?