Short essays and an Intergrated Lesson Plan for US Constitution

You will create a lesson plan that fosters student engagement in learning about the Constitutions of the United States and/or State. This is a two-part assignment. I will need questions 1 & 2 by the deadline assigned (Saturday), but I do not need the lesson plan assignment for 4 days (until Monday, April 29th). Feel free to use that time. I am looking for help in lesson plan accuracy and ideas for completing this assignment. I am not a teacher, but am trying to get knowledge through a certain educator course so that I can be of more help in schools. So this is a very foreign assignment to me. I am also looking to create my lesson plan somewhere in grades 5-8, so I would really like your examples to be in one of those grades. I will also upload the notes, rubric, and information I have to help guide you.

Part 1: About 150 words for each question. Please answer each question separately. It is not required to use sources, but please cite them in APA format if they are used.

Question 1:
Please identify the general topic of your lesson plan (see the syllabus for examples). In your response be sure to discuss what aspect of the United States or State Constitution your lesson plan will address and why that topic is important.

Question 2:
For this discussion question, identify the lesson plan template that you feel is best suited for your topic proposed in question #1. You can select one of the following templates: Madeline Hunter Elements of Effective Instruction (EEI) ; Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP); or Understanding by Design (UbD). I will upload examples of these. Discuss the rationale of why you selected the lesson plan template in over the other options. Why will it be most effective for teaching the topic you identified?

Part 2: About 1,000 words.

Integrated Lesson Plan Assignment:
Your class is a model for your school when it comes to integration of other subject areas. In the past you have successfully brought together other subject areas within your subject. (If you teach elementary school this is something you do every day.) The principal of your school has asked that you plan learning activities that incorporate the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights or state Constitution , for the celebration of Constitution Day on September 17. Our goal is to motivate learners to use their knowledge of social studies or civics in other subject areas.
1) Create a lesson plan that fosters student engagement in learning about the constitutions of the United States and Arizona within the context of more than one subject area .
a) For example, PE could develop a lesson that surrounds Article 2 of the AZ constitution as it pertains to preferential treatment or discrimination. The students could discuss equal access in sports activities for boys and girls.
b) Science could develop a lesson that surrounds the 4th Amendment regarding search and seizure with DNA evidence, scanning of a persons body at the airport or who owns the genetic code of an individual.
2) Use one of the lesson plan templates I have uploaded.
3) Include the following components in your lesson plans:
a) A rationale statement for the lesson.
b) State or national standards that are addressed in your lesson.
c) A variety of instructional strategies (at least 4) designed to demonstrate understanding of the correlation between Social Studies and another subject area.
d) Relevant materials and resources.
e) Differentiation of instruction to address the diverse needs of students.
i) Account for special needs students that may be included in your classroom.
f) Informal and/or formal assessments that align with objectives and take account of prior knowledge.
i) Be sure to address the different levels of cognition
g) Authentic, formative, and/or summative assessments.
4) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.