Shorts EMBA admission evaluation essays

I have the order before (Order# 128090). I want to have two more short essays using that related information, so please contact the writer for me using the previous information to explore the essays topics.

Besides, I have the information for the first essay: 1. How do you see the MBA degree contributing the applicant s achievement of management progression in his or her organization?

As I know, she is currently working in her family business. Therefore she is in the top management level of the company. She is smart, mature, and able to analyze issue and solve it quickly. However, although before she has some middle management experience, she never works for any of manufacturing company in top management level as I know. She worked for the family business six years already. And she worked in several departments. But still I think she still needs to enhance top level managerial experience from the other people. So I think getting an EMBA degree would help her to understand more the full picture of the whole business (management structure) in an upper view. It enables her to expand the family business and has a great success in future.

Second short essay: Please comment on this applicant s aptitude for graduate work and future managerial or business success. Include in this section any observations you have about his or her personal characteristics, such as general intelligence, sense of humour, ability to get along with others, or other traits that may be relevant. Use additional sheets if necessary.

I need to them to be done within 24 hours, thanks