Sian American Candidates in recent New York Elections: John Lui v. Tony Avella

The prompt of my paper is: Recently, three Asian American candidates ran for political office against white candidates and lost in the democratic primary. Timothy Wu ran for Lieutenant Governor and lost to Governor Cuomos running mate Kathy Hochul; John Liu, former Comptroller of the City of New York took on State Senator Tony Avella in State Senate District 11; S.J. Jung, Korean American ran against incumbent Toby Stavisky in State Senate District 16; and one Korean American incumbent Ron Kim won the democratic primary, but now faces Phil Gim, a Chinese American republican candidate in the upcoming race for State Assembly District 40. (Please note I am responsible for analyzing the case of John Liu v Tony Avella, and that is what my research paper needs to cover.) Did the race and ethnicity of John Liu play a role? Why or why not? And if so, how? Analyze the demographics of the district they were or are running in, voter turnout for these races, their base support, and issues they supported in contrast to their opponents. What do you project will be the future of these candidates?

My professor says: In doing your research, if applicable to your subtopic, you should consider, but are not limited to potential community and government contacts to talk about the issue, legal cases/statues/proposed legislation/referendums to be researched, newspaper articles, law reviews, books, or other articles on the subject, and historical and statistical information needed. *I expect all sources to be cited with footnotes.* I am looking for thoroughness, how in-depth is your analysis of the material, how persuasive and creative is your argument and how cohesive your argument is.

A few extra things my professor noted when I spoke to them:
1. Mentioned some financial scandal that John Liu may have been a part of
2. incumbency of Tony Avella
3. Look to Official Census statistics and more specifically, to demographic statistics
4. Talk to voters both for and against the candidates and any community organizations that rallied specifically for one of the candidates.
5. See if John Liu thinks his race was a factor. If you cant set up a personal interview, see what he has said regarding this in any interviews during and following the election.
6. Did race matter to the voters themselves?
7. The more diversified the research and the more critical the analysis, the better.
8. Look to outside factors that may have influenced the outcome? Which factors seemed to have more weight in the election? Do you see any faults in the research thats been done?

I also wrote an outline of the methodology I said I would use for this research paper; I will upload it and note my professors comments so that you can see what she is looking for. I noted in my order that I am looking for 10 sources, but that is not a finite requirement by my professor. As noted above, she wants a diversified range of sources/research, so 10 may or may not be sufficient for a critical analysis. Please do try to have a diverse range of sources with probably more emphasis on books and academic articles (though it is up to your discretion what you think would be best since she also wants us to include newspaper articles and interviews and such) and at least a minimum of 7 solid sources, though please include more if you find pertinent information, ideally 8 or 9 sources since some sources will not be as important as others.

Please be sure to also properly footnote all of the information that you use as my professor is highly strict about that.

Added on 06.12.2014 01:05
Hello, I have attached an outline that I submitted to my professor for this research paper. The 3 things my professor noted when returning this outline to me were: (1) look at the racial composition of district(s), (2) What impact did LiuS race have on his stances on issues?, and (3) Statisticsdid his candidacy increase Asian/Pacific/American voter turnout? Was there any coalition building?

Please be sure to follow the methodology I detailed in my outline, though adding more is perfectly fine since it is just an outline. Please donT forget to look at demographics of district, voters in the district, demographics of people who supported Liu and demographics of people who actually ended up voting, and other related statistics. Thank you!