Sian American Education Studies: Asian American Heritage languages education

Asian American Education Studies Research Paper Grading Criteria
1. Main Argument
a? Your paper must have a central argument, which should be summarized at or near the beginning of the paper.
a? The key point here is to avoid mere summaries of the readings. What is important is your analysis of the readings and topic.

2. Analysis, Argument, Discussion of Alternative Perspectives
a? Do not just repeat the readings. You need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and develop your own conclusion.
a? You must discuss the most important ones in your paper, and explain why they are wrong, misleading, irrelevant, or at least outweighed by other, more credible, evidence.

3. Organization
a? Be sure to define key terms in the paper topic; they are often purposefully vague.
a? Good organization also means knowing which points are more important and which are less important. Be sure to cover important points; devote less space and efforts to minor points.
a? Organization is one of the most important grading criteria. Make an outline before you write your paper. The simplest organization is often the most effective. Use numbers, for example, a?there are three main weaknesses in Schlesingeras argument: 1a¦, 2a¦, 3a¦a?

4. Use of Evidence
a? Generalizations need to be supported by evidence.
a? If you do use direct quotations, you must cite author and page number, and use quotation marks.

You may address or include following possible questions/topics:
What is bilingualism? Why canat we just teach everyone English Only? If they are immigrants, they are all Americanized anyhow. So why do we care at all about heritage language education in pain?

What is the experience of heritage language education is like? Is it actually effective? Does it have anything to do with the actual language proficiency?

What are some importances of heritage language in multicultural nation like USA? How heritage language in family, and school, and society affects individual and community?

Should it be programatized? What are some advantages and disadvantages of current and past programs and forms of heritage language educations. Is Saturday Language School effective?

Does language play role in ethnic identity? Take a look at cases where certain ethnicity not being educated their own heritage language and vice versa. Does language play role at all in identifying the ethnic group?

You should include following sources for research. You may use more sources and add to citations including the following:
Tse, L. (2001). Why Dont They Learn English?Separating Fact from Fallacy in the U.S. Language Debate. Language and Literacy Series.

Carlos Kevin Blanton, a?The Rise of English-Only Pedagogy: Immigrant Children, Progressive Education, and Language Policy in the United States, 1900-1930a?

Wright, W. E. (2004). What English-Only Really Means: A Study of the Implementation of California Language Policy with Cambodian-American Students. International Journal Of Bilingual Education And Bilingualism, 7(1), 1-23. doi:10.1080/13670050408667798

Chinen, K., & Tucker, G. (2005). Heritage Language Development: Understanding the Roles of Ethnic Identity and Saturday School Participation. Heritage Language Journal, 3(1), 27-59.

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