Sian Financial Crisis versus Global Financial Crisis

Term Paper (Business Research Report)

Due date: Wednesday, 03 November 2010, 5:00 pm

Asian Financial Crisis versus Global Financial Crisis

Discuss Asian Financial crisis and recent credit crisis in brief; what caused them? What
are the similarities and dissimilarities between the two (in terms of causes, effects, recovery
and the role played by the respective regulatory authorities)? Can we avoid such crises in
future? Elaborate on your views using historical data.

A4-size page, single-side type written, margin 1 inch each side
Font style: Times New Roman, size: 12 (except for tables)
Line space 1.5
Number of pages: maximum 10, including cover page, graphs, tables, appendix, reference, etc.
No need to get the paper bound (spiral, hard, soft binding, etc.); simple stapling will do.

Essential Sections
Introduction/background (includes objectives and scope of the study)
Sources of data/methodology
Appendix (if applicable)
You may add more sections to the above. Please include an Assignment Cover Sheet for the
Term Paper.