Sk a family member or friend who is diagnosed with a mental disorder if you could interview them about their experience

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to engage with members of society who have a mental disorder or with an organization who offers services to this population. A one-time volunteer commitment or interaction is required; however, more regular involvement is also acceptable and encouraged. It is hoped that this experience will provide students with
greater insight into the experiences of those diagnosed with mental illness including experiences with stigma and discrimination, and demonstrations of resiliency and strength, amongst others.

Writing topic:
a? Ask a family member or friend who is diagnosed with a mental disorder if you could interview them about their experiences.

The project can be presented as a written assignment only (1,0001,200 words). This can be produced in whatever style the student feels is most appropriate (e.g. report, reflexive journaling etc.). This must also include a critical reflection of your experience.

Also include:
1. To develop a better understanding of the broad range of perspectives (e.g., biological, psychological, sociological, historical, political) applied to explain mental health, mental illness, substance use, substance use disorder, and addiction.a?

Marking scheme:
1). Did the assignment meet course objective number one? Did the student reflect on different perspectives related to their experience?

2). Did the student critically reflect on the experience? E.g. what perceptions did you
have before the experience? How did these change after the experience? How was your experience different or the same as you expected? What have you learned from the experience? Etc.

3). Overall quality of the final product.
e.g. the writing is clear and concise with proper grammar and spelling

a? Page length: 1,0001,200 words
a? Double-spaced
a? 12 pt. standard font (Arial, Times New Roman)
a? Construct a title/topic for your written assignment
a? References/sources is not necessarily needed