Smartphone) App Industry Overview Research Report

(Smartphone) App Industry Overview Research Report

Research Methods: The quality and diversity of your sources are very important to this report as is your ingenuity in discovering important information, ideas, and industry/customer perspectives. You must document these methods properly in your endnotes and must cite at least ten distinct sources.

Please do not cite from Wikipedia. Please use different search methods…ex: library books, library electronic books, scholarly articles, journals, electronic journals, magazines, news, academic journals, surveys..etc

Citation: You will use the Harvard Business School endnote citation form based on the Chicago Style Manual.

Specifically, please research these questions:
1. A description of the smartphone application industry history overall
2. When did the industry emerge?
3. Who or how did the industry get its start?
4. How large is its sales volume, historically up to current figures?
5. How many users, historically up to current numbers?
6. What is the industryas projected economical forecast? Upward trend, plateau, decline?
7. Analyze and connect your findings to why the Calorie Counter Apps are currently very successful in the market?