SMCR) Strategic MarketingA Contemporary Review

Module Title: Strategic MarketingA Contemporary Review

Assignment task:

Select an industry of your choice (e.g. fashion and clothing, electrical and household products, drinks, IT and communications, financial, leisure and education services etc.) and discuss the emerging marketing issues that will affect the success, or otherwise of that industry as we move into the end of this decade. All major internal and external area areas should be considered including, internal resources, customer relationships, marketing research, distribution, promotion, competition, technology and so on. It is envisaged that some of these areas will be more important in your discussion than others depending on, the industry chosen and the approach taken. Your terms of reference should clearly identify which areas will be given greater consideration and which areas might be marginalized.

Further information:

You should overview current literature and reference your work using the Harvard method. The assignment should be 3000 words, excluding appendices, and be in report format. Reports, articles, diagrams etc. should be put into the appendices and will not count toward the word limit.

Assignment marking scheme:

You will be marked according to the following criteria

1. Identify the important strategic factors that might contributed to the success of an identified industry.


2. Critically analysing and evaluating these factors.


3. Relating the answer to current happening and giving relevant market examples.


4. Structure, presentation, clarity and referencing.


5. Breadth, depth and quality of academic and practical research.


Further information:


” The assignment should be in report format type and there should be a balanced beginning, middle and an end as well as headings, paragraphs, page numbering and  white space. It should be written in credible English.

” There should be clear referencing throughout using the Harvard Referencing System. Web site addresses, where used, should also be referenced. Marks will be deducted for lack of referencing.

” Terms of reference and objectives should be given.

” There should be a contents page, summary and bibliography.


” The content should relate to the terms of reference and the set objectives.

” The subject chosen should match the demands of the assignment question.

” There should be analysis as well as description.

” The objectives set should be answered.

” The answer should be balanced approach to the question set.

” Reasons should be given for the choice of major marketing areas for discussion and/or rejection.

” It should all the work of the student author. Where there is doubt a  viva may be given.

” There should be evidence for all assertions made and these should be source referenced throughout wherever possible.

” Marking will be approx. 80% content and 20% structure.