SMHR) Strategic Management of Human Resources

Module title: Strategic Management of Human Resources

word limit: 3000

Strategic HRM is often confused with implementation of HR strategies. By way of reference to potential models for or sets of thinking about Strategic HRM consider how the adoption of SHRM might reflect in the practices of organisations.

Discuss this statement by analysing the role of strategic human resource management with the corporate strategy process.

Consider the links between organisational and human resource strategies. You may need to provide explanations of at least one model for SHRM to demonstrate your appreciation between the links of theory and practice.
In so doing you might consider whether empirical practices match such theoretical models.

Marking Criteria:

For this assignment particular credit will be given to well structured arguments which, wherever appropriate, are referenced to established theories, approaches and authorities. The effective use of empirical supports of various kinds will also be given due credit, including facts, survey evidence and case study illustrations.

Whilst the 3000 word limit must be adhered to it should be noted that not all words count toward that limit The University Curriculum Regulations state that:

In determining what counts as text within the work limit abstracts (if required) indented quotations, tables, figures, diagrams, footnotes/endnotes, bibliography and appendices shall be excluded. However footnotes/endnotes must be contained within reasonable limits and should be used for reference purposes and not to extend the text.

Guidance for SHRM assignment:
Generally it is anticipated that students will present a report/essay/paper which:

1) defines the concepts of SHRM a definition would suffice but better students might make some comparisons to strategy models or take examples from organisations even at this point most of the definitions will probably emanate from Armstrong but could include others writing in this area eg Pfeffer.

2) Once the overall concept is stated then the examination of SHRM strategies can be done by either a good in depth examination of one approach eg high commitment (which if done well will normally infer references to other approaches by comparison eg high involvement) or they might take 2 approaches eg low cost v high commitment to make comparisons between the impact upon human resource/human capital and competitive advantage or sustainability within the marketplace.
This might also be undertaken be way of illustration from corporate approaches by the better students who might exemplify possible corporations who adopt SHRM and those that state they do but their application is not consistent with the overall conditions best practice or high commitment etc. This might be discussed in terms of cultural requirements eg high commitment might translate to security eg job for life.

3) Some evaluation of the application of the strategies translated into employee rewards/rels/resourcing/development could be developed but overall a concluding argument about the relevance/validity/importance of SHRM versus prior HRM or Personnel approaches and whether this is rhetoric or reality for current practices.
Obviously this is written with a view that weaker submission might produce points 1 and some comparison of approaches for 2 but concluding debate may be thin.