SOCIAL WOR)K Being a Change Agent Paper

Being a Change Agent Paper
The purpose of this assignment is(1) to highlight and learn from two change agents and (2) to identify and discuss your impact as a change agent. In this paper you will…
1.) Present the life and contributions of two change agents(social activists and/or macro practitioners) you admire. Include a minimum of six outside sources (total)
2.) Include (for both individuals):
a.) a brief biography
b.) an overview of the community problems/social issues addressed by the person
c.) a discussion of the persons lasting contributions to communities and/or the field of social work.
3.) Discuss your leadership style, as informed by your own insights and by the StrengthsQuest Assessment (I WILL GIVE YOU A COPY OF MY STREGNTHQUEST ASSESSMENT. This is very important that you read this 1st bc it explains who i am.) This paper has to be written using my style!!
4.) Discuss the community problems/ social issues ( a minimum of two) you are most passionate about and why.
5.) Discuss what you have learned from the two people you selected and highlite what you would like your lasting contributions as a change agent to be. Discuss how self awareness and social work values will support you in your change agent work with diverse groups.
6.) Demonstrate your ability to clearly communicate ideas; follow the format, including length, and avoid grammatical errors, and APA errors. This paper should have a running head, in text citations, and reference page. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!