Social work) compare developmental stages of Australian children to Afganistan children

Social work

1. Discuss the Developmental stages in a personas life (Erik Erikson stages psychosocial development)
2. Then compare the developmental stages of Australian children to children from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. (Especially age 5years to 12 years)
3. How would the developmental stages change when children (age 2-12years) of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iranian backgrounds move to Australia, what related problems would they have?
4. Also use Piagets cognitive theory and Vygotskyas Construction theory to understand how people from different cultural backgrounds construct, shape and frame their identities, social world and realities.
References to be used

Erik Erikson stages of psychosocial development.

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Piagets cognitive theories.
Vygotskys constructivist theory, which is often called social constructivism,