SOCIAL WORK) Social Circumstances Report Case Study

The writer that is assigned to this piece needs to have a sound insight in the social work field, especially when working with adults with learning disabilities.

The aim of this report is to critically answer three questions relating to a specific case sdudy.

The three questions which need to be critically answered are:

Part A Background
Provide an analytical overview of what the situation is; distinguish objective realities from assumption or prejudice.

Part B Relevant Policy and Legislation
Explain the likely policy and legislative framework which underpins the scenario as it is and that may assist this situation. Discuss the likely impact, usefulness and limitations of such policy and legislative framework.

Part C Recommendations
Discuss the social work interventions which would be required in this scenario: what would you need to do and how you would approach the scenario? Critically evaluate different options you could consider.
The UK Harvard system of referencing must be used and all references listed at the end of the whole text.

foot notes not needed however any quotes/ references used need to be cited and referenced.