SOCIAL WORK) Social Policy, Welfare and Organisations

An analysis of contemporary social policy, and its impact on social care organisations services, and recipients of services.

1-Demonstrate understanding of the context and direction of contemporary social policy FOR EXAMPLE in this section i need to provide a general overview of the movement of social policy historically and through various political ideologies (from different political parties being in power at different times) It is NOT about looking at just one policy

2Demonstrate understanding of the impact of organisational dynamics and policy requirements on social care organisations.
(This criteria should be quite straightforward-requiring to look how organisational dynamics and policy requirement impact the work od social care organisations. It might help to use relevant examples like how restructuring of organisations and policies like personalisation impact organisations~).

3-Identify key elements in social and welfare policy which impact on service delivery to service users and informal carers. iN THIS SECTION YOU COULD IDENTIFY ONE POLICY AND LOOK AT HOW THE POLICY IMPACTED DELIVERY TO SERVICE USRERS.

4-Analyse the current government proposed policy reforms around the welfare benefift. (in this section you need to look at the benefit reforms and provide an analysis of their impact i.e the universal benefit, changes to pension, etc